Albanian temple in kish village Sheki

Sheki region is not less interesting than Ismayilli District. Here is an old village Kish famous for its huge Christian architectural monument. This is Albanian church which history goes back to 6th-7th centuries. An ancient cemetery is located near the tAlbanian_Temple_Church_in_Kish_village_Sheki_AzerbaijanAdventuresemple. Here we can see ancient cups, stones and skeletons of udins. All burial places are under the glass cupola. Looking through it you can see remains of ancient humans. They impress with their height. Sometimes they appear to be 2,5 meter or higher. Ancient Albanian people were giants with white skin. Their hair was golden. They looked unlike modern Caucasian nations. That’s why sometimes this village is called like “land of Atlants”. The brilliantly renovated round-towered Albanian church in Kish village has been lovingly converted into a very well-presented trilingual museum. It’s the best place anywhere to learn about mysterious Caucasian Albania, the Christian nation that once covered most of northern Azerbaijan. In fact the church site goes back well beyond the Christian era and glass-covered grave excavations allow visitors to peer down on the excavated bones of possibly Bronze Age skeletons.