Baku Flame Towers

Baku Flame Towers is a striking new addition to the skyline of Baku. Located atop a hill on the Caspian Sea overlooking Baku Bay and the old city center, the three towers were inspired by Azerbaijan’s ancient history of fire worshBaku_Flame_Towers_AzerbaijanAdventuresipping, and will illuminate the city and act as an eternal flame for modern Baku. The goal of the project was to create a low-resolution media façade to display video content, while integrating inconspicuous lighting fixtures into existing architecture. To meet the project requirements, Traxon created a special fixture, to be installed behind the buildings’ windows and give the allusion of ribbons of light. The main challenge of this project was the varying window dimensions, and that the maximum gap between fixture and window frame needed to be less than 50mm. With a flexible mounting solution and intelligent calculation, the project team reduced the overall amount of needed fixtures to only 16 different modular lengths. The entire three-tower installation is controlled by an e:cue Lighting Control Engine fx (LCE-fx) running Emotion, and Video Micro Converters (VMCs). Typically displaying burning flames, the intelligent control system allows for simple lighting show changes to reflect additional animations and graphics for special events, such as the recent 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The Flame Towers are a trio of distinctive sky scrapers, each over 30 stories, together giving the impression of a gigantic fire once the evening light show starts a playful shimmer of orange and red rising colours. In many ways the towers themselves are best viewed from a distance but the parkland/cemetery area directly south is worth visiting in itself for the wonderful views over Baku Bay. Access is by a regular funicular that whisks you up from the main bay side road in a couple of minutes. Sometimes there can be queues to get aboard, in which case it’s worth considering the sweaty but satisfying walk up stairways beside.s of the modern period.