Baku Olympic Stadium

Baku Olympic Stadium Project which is located near the Boyuk Shor Lake, Baku, Azerbaijan will have a capacity of 68.000 seats. 496.000 m2 total site area, 204.000 m2 gross floor area of the Stadium contains commercial areas and disabled, public, media, CIP, VIP and VVIP Sections.  Baku_Olumpic_Stadium_AzerbaijanAdventuresThe Olympic stadium in Baku is a prime example of the benefits of BIM, showcasing the speed and design quality at every level of its development. The new 68,000-seat, retractable roof stadium was designed to meet the highest international standards for stadiums set by the UEFA. What is more, the truly global team has just 24 months to design and build the venue. Architect in South Korea, structural designer in New York, construction site in Azerbaijan and detailing, 3D modeling and BIM coordination in Turkey and Greece– in other words, need for good information exchange and BIM was great in the Baku Olympic Stadium project as meeting the coworkers face to face was practically impossible.  With models storing a wealth of information, it was natural to utilize them for construction. The team utilized Thornton Tomasetti’s preliminary model for structural verifications, creating roof installation method statement and coordination. In Baku, Tekfen’s on-site engineering team took over the challenging task of training the site crew to utilize BIM technology. They chose Tekla BIMsight for 3D model review plus notes on site. However, the advanced modeling that facilitates fast construction process is not the only wonderful thing in the giant project employing 4,500 persons at the peak. The construction site was remarkably safe reaching whopping 13,000,000 accident-free man-hours. The building was completed in February 2015.