Caravanserai Multani in Baku Old City

Caravanserais are building and palace built as guest houses on trade routes. Caravans are kept at those buildings built by karvansaramerchants, people gets relaxed and continue on their way. During the Middle Ages, the buildings built to protect the military and borders, and later buildings with trade purposes became used as caravanserais.
In ancient times a large part of the trade routes crossed Azerbaijan, so it was necessary to construct caravanserais here. Except for caravanserais in the city of Baku (as today they are preserved in Old City as historical and architectural monuments), traces of cara vanserais preserved till the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. These are those caravanserais having ancient and rich history. The most unique and historical caravanserais, considered as pearls, are still preserved in Old City. One of them is Bukhara caravanserai. According to research, this historical monument was built in the 15th century by merchants who came from Central Asia to Baku. As merchants from the Eastern countries were in the need for temporary shelters, so they used to have rest in this great caravanserai.  The name of the building was taken from then capital of Uzbekistan, Bukhara. This is one-storey caravanserai. It is assumed that other floor of the caravanserai remained under the ground. The private nature of Bukhara caravanserai, which consists of 17 rooms, is a circular shape. Likewise in other eastern caravanserais the pool is located in the center of yard of this caravansary. The pool preserved as it is since XV century till date is of surprise and interest. Thus, although t the water flows from fountain but pool does not get full and the water remains at a certain level. Caravanserai walls are decorated with the pictures from ancient Azerbaijani carpets, kilims, decorations, pictures depicting Baku. The main purpose here is to form imagination on ancient and rich history of Azerbaijan at foreigners visiting the carkarvansara2avanserai.
Multani caravanserai - one of the hundreds of caravanserais in Azerbaijan. Multanı caravanserai, which was related to fourteenth century although reached the twentieth century in destroyed conditions, but the monument has been restored in 1973-1974.  The main construction material of the monument is small blocks and building stone, small, granular limestone of the used as traditionally in Shirvan-Absheron architecture school. The older ceiling of underground rooms was built from a complex mixture of lime, stone of the correct shape. The foundation of the building is the rock massif used in the natural shape.