Crystall Hall Consert Complex

The streets of Baku are hung with banners and pennants to promote the recently completed Eurovision Song Contest. At street level, huge biCrystall_Hall_Baku_AzerbaijanAdventures1 llboards give details of an upcoming series of concerts starring Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Rhianna. All these were held in the newly constructed Crystal Hall, sat next to National Flag Square on a small promontory not far from the city centre. The headland is easy to find as its home to the largest flag in Europe. Rising 162 metres above the city and measuring 70 by 35 metres, this was once the largest flag in the world. During the Eurovision contest the arena sat 17,000 people, but the capacity was being increased to 23,000. The extra space was coming from all the saved backstage area that was required by so many Eurovision contestants and their entowww.azerbaijanadventures.comurages.  It will become the largest roofed stadium in Azerbaijan.  Whilst the backstage area will be smaller, it’s also being made considerably more luxurious, to cater to the demands and whims of international stars. Aside from concerts it’s intended to be used for sporting and public events. The German company that originally built it has designed the floor space to be flexible enough forCrystall_Hall_Baku_AzerbaijanAdventures3 a number of configurations. They originally built the entire complex in just 10 months.  We also got to meet the German events director who is training up the local Azerbaijan crew to take over his role. He was kind enough to commandeer a couple of electric carts to save us the long walk back to the coach. Since we visited Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Rihanna have all performed there. Tickets sold from €35 and the venues were sold out. Here’s a decent quality video of Jennifer Lopez, taken from the newly arranged seating. It’s possible they need to work on their security a little as the film-maker seems to have smuggled in both a camera and tripod: