Azerbaijan National Dramatic Theatre

Azerbaijan’s National Theatre is located in a fine building slap bang in the middle of Baku, in Fuzuli Square. The Azerbaijan Academic National Drama Theatre, to give it its full name, or AzDrama as it is popularly known, is also right at the heart of Azerbaijani’s theatrical life. AzDrama has a track record of choosing plays that tackle the problems and realities of concern to people, challenging performers and audience to find answers to those problems together. Many of Azerbaijan’s best-known actors, directors, designers and composers have close links with the theatre and it has put on some legendary productions. AzDrama was recently fully renovated, as were many other theatres in Azerbaijan, and equipped with state-of-the-art stage, lighting and sound systems. The innovations at the theatre go way beyond the technical aspects, however.

Azerbaijan State Mugam Theatre

Azerbaijan has national folk music whitch named of Mugam. Creation of “Mugam” theatre in 1988 became a great event in the history of Azerbaijani culture. The crew of the theatre prepares performances by parts of “seven colors” of Azerbaijani mugan: “Shur”, “Seygah”, “Rast”, “Bayati-Shiraz”, “Chargah”, “Mahur”, “Humayun”. Theatre is actively playing on tour far and near abroad. One time in year we have providing Mugam festival in Baku and region.

Azerbaijan State Song Theatre
 Azerbaijan State Song Theatre named after Reshid Behbudov was established in 1968 by Rashid Behbudov, the prominent representative of vocal art, people’s artist of the USSR and currently bears the name of its founder. The theatre presented itself as the best and exemplary promoter of the art of music and choreography during the years. Today the repertoire of the theatre contain the works of the national composer such as Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Gara Garayev, Fikret Amirov, Jahangir Jahangirov, Rauf Hajiyev, Tofig Guliyev, Polad Bulbuloglu, Ramiz Mirishli, Faig Suceddinov,Azer Dadashov and so on. The performance of the folk songs, mugams and tesnifs that is the basis of repertoire, keep the style of our great singer Rashid Behbudov till today. Famous masters of art, such as Zaur Rzayev, Natavan Sheykhova, Mubariz Tagiyev, Elkhan Ehedzade, Khedice Abbasova, Azer Zeynalov, Zohre Abdullayeva, Aybeniz Hashimova, Gulyaz and Gulyanaq Memmedovas, Bilal Eliyev, etc, has been working here since the theatre began its activity. Azerbaijan State Song Theatre named after Rashid Behbudov was welcomed with sympathy by the audience in many foreign countries, as well as, USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Germany, Turkey, Russian Federation, etc. In recent years, the creative collective attended the concert program in the opening of “EKSPO-2000” exhibition in Hannover in 2000, it represented  the Azerbaijan Culture during the years of 2001-2002 in Turkey, Moscow, Strasbourg, Austria, in 2003 in Germany in “The Azerbaijan Culture Days”, in 2004 in “Novruz parties” in Yekaterinburg, in 2005 again in Vienna, Austria in the “Azerbaijan Culture Days”, in Chisinau city of Moldova in the International Music Festival called “Mersi Shor”.

Azerbaijan State Theatre of Opera & Ballet
 Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre was established in 1920 as The United State Theatre. From the year of 1924, the opera troupe was separated from this theatre and acted as an independent opera and ballet theatre (together with Azerbaijan and Russian sections). The Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the greatest musical theatre in Azerbaijan acts in this nice building that was founded in 1910 from 1920 till today. In 1928 the Theatre was named after M.F.Akhundov. This temple of art is called Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre since 1959. The history of Azerbaijan national opera art begins with the “Leyli and Majnun” opera by Uzeyir Hajibeyov that was put on the performance on January 12 (25), 1908. Till the revolution the opera of “Ashiq Qerib” by Z.Hajibeyov (1916) and “Shah Ismayil” by Muslum Maqomayev (1919) was put on the performance. The repertoire of the theatre was enriched by the operas of “Shahsenem” (1927, R.Qlier), “Nergiz” (1935, M.Maqomayev), and “Koroglu” (1937, U.Hajibeyov) that were written in the form of traditional classical opera. In 1940, the first Azerbaijan national ballet “Maiden Tower” (E.Bedelbeyli), “Homeland” (1945, Q.Qarayev and C.Hajiyev), “Khosrov and Shirin” (1942, Niyazi), “Nizami” (1948, E.Bedelbeyli) operas were put on the performance.  From 1950, Academic Opera and Ballet Opera entered to a new and more effective stage of its development. In these years,  the operas of “Sevil” (1955, F.Emirov), “Independent” (1957, J.Jahangirov), “Vagif” (1960, R.Mustafayev), “Bahadir and Sona” (1961, S.Elesgerov), “The Dead” (1963, V.Adigozelov), “Soyudler Aglamaz” (1971, E.Bedelbeyli), “Aygun” (1973, Z.Bagirov), “Gelin qayasi” (1974, Sh.Akhundova), “The deceived Stars” (1977, M.Quliyev), “The Fate of the Singer” (1979, J.Jahangirov), “Natevan” (2003, V.Adigozelov), etc were successfully staged. Besides, “Seven Beauties” (1952, Q.Qarayev), “Qaraca qiz” (1965, E.Abbasov), “Ildirimli yollarda” (1961, Q.Qarayev), “The Legend of Love” (1962, A.Melikov), “Mugam” (1972, N.Eliverdibeyov), “Chitra” (1972, Niyazi), “Arabian Nights” (1979, F.Emirov), “Babek” (1986, A.Elizade), “White and Black” (2000, Kh.Mirzezade), “Love and Death” (2005, P.Bulbuloglu), etc were put on the performance and were soon successfully welcomed in the world.

Azerbaijan State Theatre YUKH
It was created in October 18, 1989 under the auspices of Academic National Drama Theatre of Azerbaijan by Vagif Ibrahimoglu and Hasanaga Turabov. Theatre has participated in many international festivals. Since 1992, it has received the state status. Azerbaijan State «Yug» theater during its activity had staged more that 70 performances.

Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre
 Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators was established on March 15, 1927, in Baku, on the basis of Children’s Theatre and artistic amateur drama circles of pioneers and students. «Storm» play prepared on initiative of 14-year-old Aghadadash Gurbanov laid the foundation of children theater in republic.
By the decision of the People’s Commissariat of Education in 1928 in Baku, Children’s Theater officially was launched in Azerbaijan. The first actors and directors of the theater were Aghadadash Kurbanov, Mammadaga Dadashov, Yusif Eminli, Mina Abdullayeva, Yusif Dadashov, Susanna Majidova, Jawahir Iskenderova, Suleyman Alasgarov, Huseynaga Sadikhov, K. Hasanov, Zafar Nematov, Maharram Hashimov, Alimammad Atayev and others.
Since July 18, 1936 in Baku Children’s Theatre was renamed as «Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre» basing on order of Azerbaijan People’s Commissariat for Education, and named after Maxim Gorki.
During this period 513 new performance were staged in theater, and 33505 plays were shown and 8042000 spectators had been attracted.
Since April 2009 after a major repair and renovation works and being equipped with new techniques and modern design of the building, Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators continued its activity in two collectives:  the State Theatre of Youth and the Baku camera Theatre. Repertoire of the theater includes folk tale «Beautiful Fatma», B. Marvin’s «Sleeping Beauties», Ch. Dikkens’s «Adventures of Oliver Twist», A. Shaig’s «Mrs Tig-tig», M.F.Akhundzade’s «Sarguzashti-vezir-khan–e-Lankaran», S.S.Akhundov’s, A. Shaig’s «Gypsy girl», M.F.Akhundzade’s «Hekayeti-khırs-quldurbasan», etc. plays.

State Theatre of Musical Comedy
 Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre is the biggest musical theatres of the republic. The first performance of musical comedy of U.Hajibeyov, written in 1909 «Husband and Wife» took place in circus building of Nikitin Brothers in Baku on May 24, 1910. With this performance the Musical Comedy Theatre of Azerbaijan was founded. Until 1938, the musical comedies were played at Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theater. In 1938 the musical comedy (with Azerbaijani and Russian sectors) theatre was organized and in September of that year was granted an official status of the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre. In 1939, the first Azerbaijan Soviet musical comedy «Five manat worth bride» (S. Rustamov), «Husband and Wife», «Married single» and later «Whose wedding?» (A. Mashadibeyov), «Red Rose» (S. Hajibeyov), and at the Russian section of the theater «Blue mazurka» (F. Leqar), «Arshin mal alan» (U. Hajibeyov), «Queen of the Circus» (I.Kalman) «Wedding in Malinovka» (B. Alexandrov), etc. were performed. Since 1940 theatre was in leading position in the cultural life of Azerbaijan. During 1988-1992 the absence of building of the theater and the socio-political events in republic at those days, as well as Karabakh events had an impact on artistic activity of creative collective of the theater, but later the theater stepped on a new development stage. The collective began to prepare new performances one after one and enriched the repertoire: «This or that», «Musical soul», «Love on the stage», «Farewell», «Everyone’s own star,» «Ten thousand dollars relaxation», «Crazy World», «King for a day», «Banker fiancée», «Love Game», etc. Now, at the rich repertoire of the theater was formed in Azerbaijani and Russian sectors. 

Puppet Theatre
Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre has been created for children in 1931. In separate years (1931-1941, 1946-1950) it functioned as an independent theater, an at certain times as the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators (1941-1946) and the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society (since 1950). It is an independent theater since 1965.
The organizer of the theater, and the first artistic director and chief director was M. Babirli. Theater was a participant of International festivals of Puppet Theatre (Tashkent, 1979, Bombay, 1980) and the South Caucasus (Yerevan, 1982, Tbilisi, 1984). The theater is named after Abdulla Shaig since 1974.
Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre has the Azerbaijan and Russian sections. For the first time in the theater plays of Azerbaijani, Russian and Western European dramatists (in simplified form), works of educational motives based on Azerbaijan oral folk literature were performed. compositions: «Haji Gara» (M.F.Akhundov), «Forced doctor» (J.B.Mollier), «Almas» ( J. Jabbarli), «Big Ivan» (S.V.Obraztsov), «Alexander the Great and the shepherd», «Dwarf», «Nargis» (M. Seyidzade), etc.
Since 6o-ies the theatre sets its repertoire according to the level of minor aged children, pupils. Since 1975 theater performances for adults are staged as well. «Three Tales» (Abdullah Shaig), «Beautiful Fatma» (M. Dilbazi), «The little girl Tino» (L. Babinskaya), «Beautiful Vasilisa» (Y.Z.Chernyak), «Joke» (Anar), «Three fats» (Y. Olesya), «Peri magic» (A. Hagverdiyev), «Voracious giraffe» (Y. Torbai), «Snow Maiden» (A.A.Ostrovski), etc. are the best performances of the theatre. 

Samed Vurgun Russian Drama Theatre
 Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre named after S. Vurgun since 1920 worked under the name of Baku Free promotion –critique theatre since 1920, as Baku Workers’ Theatre since 1923. And since 1938 it is called as Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre. In 1956 the theater was named after S. Vurgun.
Theatre had staged during 1925-30 plays like «Lyubov Yarovaya» (K. Trenyov), «Rebellion» (B. Lavrenyov), etc. In 1930-40-theater’s repertoire were enriched with works like «Don Carlos» (F.Schiller), «Romeo and Juliet» (W. Shakespeare), «Living corpse» (L. Tolstoy), etc.
Staged during 50 years, «Aydin» (J. Jabbarli), «Bathroom» (V. Mayakovski) and other performances were evaluated as a creative achievement of the theater.
In general, the Russian Drama Theatre has always own importance in the cultural life of Azerbaijan.
At the present at stage of the theater works of the world classics and t writers of Azerbaijan are staged. Repertoire of the theater includes  L. Qers’ s «These free butterflies, Elchin’s «Lessors of the hell”, W. Shakespeare’s «King Lear», J. Anuy’s «Lark», A. Chekhov” «Gull», L. Razumovskaya’s «Marriage agency» «1 +…», Y. Lomovchev’s  «Dance of the seven bedsheets”, M. Ibragimov’s, «Your Excellency Rolls-roys’, V. Neverov’s «Guess the tale».
The well-known actors like Fuad Poladov, Nodar Shashıqoglu, Haji Murad Yegizarov, Mabud Maharramov,  Lyudmila Dukhovnaya work in theatre.
Theatre makes performances not just for adults but for children, too 

Azerbaijan State Philharmonic
 Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is the concert complex in Baku. The building of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic was constructed during 1910-1920 as the project of the “Building of Social meetings”.
After the establishment of the Soviet Power in Azerbaijan the ensembles, orchestras and music amateurs that acted separately till 1920, all assembled in this building. On May 25, 1936, the Philharmonic was established in Azerbaijan as in the other republics of USSR (CIS). From 1937, Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is named after Maqomayev. The Philharmonic is the unique popularization center of classical musicians.
There are 7 bodies in this grandiose concert organization. These are Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra, Azerbaijan State Choral Chapel, Azerbaijan State Camera Orchestra named after G.Garayev, Azerbaijan State Piano Trio, Azerbaijan State String Quartet, The honored Collective named after F.Amirov, Azerbaijan State Song and Dance ensemble and Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Folk Musical Instruments that operates under this body. Besides the collectives that operate within the Philharmonic, the performances of soloists from foreign countries are also organized here regularly. This list include the names of Dmitri Khokhlov, the art director and chief conductor of the Russian State Academic Orchestra named after V.V.Andreyev , Ingeborq Kosmo, the soloist of the Norwegian State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Daniel Grimwood a pianist from Great Britain, Ukrainian People’s Artist, Tatyana Pimenova, the Laureate of the International Competition of Vocalists , Sefika Kutluer, the Turkish flute player, German conductor Pier Domenik Ponnelle and so on.

Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre
 Pantomime — (Pantomime) is the simplest performance with explanation. It is one of the arts of performance. Briefly, it can be expressed as «mimics».
In pantomime the artist tries to explain the theme using mimics, hand, arm and body actions. In a sense, «pantomime» is accepted as the universal language of theater. The main advantages of this type of theater are its possession the international language.
State Pantomime Theatre May 16, 1994, established by decree of the Minister of Culture on base of «Crazy Assembly» Pantomime Theatre-Studio and functioned under the Theater of Young Spectators.
The State Pantomime Theatre is the first theater in the history of the Azerbaijani pantomime Theater. The basis of Pantomime Theater in Azerbaijan was laid by honored artists Bakhtiyar Khanizade.
The troupe had prepared following performances: «Hope» Sh.Bekket / «Mime for one actor» / — Pantomime «Pantomime Bouquet» — B. Khanizada — Pantomime, «Karol fear» — S. Mrojek — experimental performance, «I came to be the letter of your sad «- Pantomime Ballet based on a poem of M. Fuzuli «Leili and Majnun» ,»Shengul, Shungul, Mangul «- M. Musabayov — divertisment-performance,» Mangurt «Ch. Aitmatov /» A day equal to the century » on the motives of play/ — Pantomime, «Pottery» — U. Hajibeyov / «What work we do» on the basis of feuilleton /- Pantomime, «Butterflies of dump» — B. Khanızade — Pantomime, «Love» — B. Khanızade (Plastic thoughts on sonnet of W. Shakespeare), «Little Prince» — Antuan de Sent Eqsupaeryi-tale-performance, «Mask» — Zaur Zeyanlov — Pantomime, «Framework» – A.Abdullayev — Pantomime, «Dejavu» — S. Hajiyeva — Pantomime and etc.
In 2000, «Crazy Assembly – Deli Yiginjagi” Pantomime Theatre-studio was given the status of the State Pantomime Theatre.

Green Theatre
 The Green Theatre was opened in 60th of the last century. This is one of the most favorite destinations for recreation inhabitants of the town, here are held important public events. There were outstanding artists asAzerbaijan and the countries of the former USSR,and also famous foreign artists. For several years the theatre was closed for restoration. And after lengthy repairs theater began its operation in 2007 year.

28 Cinema
 The 28 Cinema cituated on 4th floor of 28 Mall. 28 Mall it is the one of big city malls of Baku. Here you can find shops of brends like «ZARA», «ROMANTİC», «PURPLE», «VERSAGE» and other

Park Cinema
 Caspian Capital Company is pleased to inform you that in October 2010, at the center of Baku, in the National Park, on the shore of the Caspian Sea, is opened the largest in Transcaucasia six-hall cinema «Park Cinema». With the advent of the new cinema has broadened the repertoire of films displayed in our city. Spectators were able to watch the world premiere of films of various genres, as well as paintings in their original language. The cinema also meets with guest artists, directors, and various kinds of first-run films.
Our cinema is situated on the 4th floor of the prestigious TEC «Park Boulevard.» Our partners are leading Russian and foreign companies: “XXth CenturyFox”, “Universal Pictures International”, “Central Partnership”, “Paramount Pictures”, “Caro Premier”, “WarnerBros. Pictures”, “Karoprokat”, “West”, “Our Cinema”, “Paradise”, “Luxor”, “ArtPictures”, “TopFilmDistribution”, etc., occupying leading positions in film industry. Our cinema is equipped with the latest projection and sound equipment of “Dolby Surround EX”, according to international standards for cinemas, has 6 rooms for 789 places, total area of 1300 sq. m. One of the screens is a VIP-hall, 150 square meters 33 seats, equipped with chairs extra comfort and personal tables. The other 5 rooms — this is an economy class rooms, each equipped with modern chairs. In the 3 rooms is provided the demonstration of movies in 3D, which is new to Azerbaijan moviegoers. Particularly, this fact will delight our children’s audience, which we believe will become regular visitors to our cinema.
Our cinema has 3 bars to sell soft drinks, 3 kinds of popcorn, luxury alcohol, 20 sq.m. each. In cinema, everything is provided for the convenience of attending his audience.

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