Fire — Zoroastrian Temple «Ateshgah» in Surakhani 

Ateshgah — is a very especial place full of mystery. It bears the evidences of worship to Zoroaster. Here in these walls ancient monotheistic religion started to develop. This great temple is located on unique territory. Hindu community who inhabited Baku created a great monument devoted to their God. Time changed many things but nowadays tourists still couldTemple_Of_Fire_Zoroastrian_AzerbaijanAdventures see real phenomenon embodied in natural gas burning. Because of this wonder, sometimes this temple is called “burning mountain”.  After Islam became an official religion, this temple was broken. But merchants from India wished to renew this monument. These well-known chapels and caravanserai appeared again. Today temple looks like long ago.Burning gas is still in this place like in past times. It emphasizes unusual atmosphere. Near Ateshgah each can observe a big hole. Tourists could see a body of Hindus in it.  You should ride a little distance from the Baku city to get here. Many tourists come here on excursions. Here you could feel especial atmosphere. You’ll save your memories about this visit for long time. Ateshgah impresses with its long history. Know more about this place with our company. Make your holidays more interesting.