Ganja International Airport

One hundred years ago, on 20 October 1910, a plane flew over Baku for the first time. Childishly clumsy and unGanja_Airport_AzerbaijanAdventuresstable, French biplane Farman-4 piloted by Sergey Utochkin made a few circles above awestruck lookers-on and, acclaimed by a thunder of applause, landed. After this introduction of Azerbaijan to aviation, it took only 13 years for the new type of air transport to acquire an official status in the region: the Caucasus Joint Stock Company of Civil Aviation ZAKAVIA was established in 1923. It was founded by the Mughan Melioration Construction, the Caspian Shipping Company and AzNeft. ZAKAVIA planes were intended to conduct aerial surveys, deliver emergency goods and carry mail. The Ganja international airport in Ganja city of Azerbaijan was built in 2006. The same year, it received the status of an international airport.