Government — Parliament House of Azerbaijan in Baku

Baku’s Government House was built between 1936 and 1952 with the help of German prisoners of war. It was desGovenment_House_of_Azerbaijan_in_Baku_AzerbaijanAdventuresigned by the Soviet architect Lev Rudnev and Vladimir Munts, who constructed many buildings in Stalinist architecture. The Government Hosue also shows influences of Baroque and Oriental styles. At first the Government House was named House of the Soviets and a Lenin Statue was facing the former Lenin Square. The statue disappeared during the independence uprisings in 1990 and the square was named Azadliq Square (Freedom Square). The building, which can accommodate up to 5500 people, is nowadays home to several state offices and ministries of Azerbaijan. The Government House faces the Azadliq Square (Freedom Square) at the wide Neftchiler Avenue. It iis located about 2 km north east of Baku’s old town (Icheri Sheher).