Duzdag Recreation Center & SPA Hotel 5*
Duzdag Recreation Center & SPA Hotel 5*

Altitude of 1,173 meters above sea level Duzdağ Cave asthma therapy is based Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan. Asthma therapy center is 2 km from our hotel. The cave in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and the Ministry of Health, including private Duzdağ Hotel Asthma Therapy center are 2 separate treatment center essentials. Asthma Therapy Duzdağ hotel consisting of concrete blocks with central air-flow interrupt your mind all the needs of patients and generated a total of 5 galleries scattered refakatçilerinin 5-star hotel, service quality approach 47 rooms, 128 beds, cafeteria, TV lounge and the library of the complex, offers a service to you. Special Duzdağ Hotel asthma therapy center, a doctor, 24-hour security, cleaning, treatment of the patients under the supervision of nurses during the day casual comfort of our hotel rooms, aqua park, outdoor — indoor pools, basketball, football, tennis, sports and health centers, fatigue and stress of the day can throw .

About Spleoterapi Information: 

20. century world, doctors were worried about the growing and allergic diseases as a result of long research of such diseases salt caves (mines) was the difference can be treated. Treatment for the first time in the cave-in in 1871 in Italy, near Florence (Monsummam region) stalactite (Greek: stalactite) and stalagmites (greek: stalagmite) poliartritten romantic caves (very short intervals, or inflammatory process occurring at the same time more than one joint) tested on patients with disturbed and resulted in success. This mines, mines, karst (as a result of melting of rocks) is richer than micro-climate with calcium ions. Mineral-rich minerals in the micro-climate, with sodium and chloride ions are also present. Getting a basic example of such mines, operating in the city of Krakow, Poland in 1968-from Ukraine, Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevan Autonomous Region Ujgorod in the city and since 1979, near the town of Nakhichevan mines operating in the show. Babek Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic in the past, district health centers of the State Hospital as a branch 50 abetting, harboring the building since 1982 has pursued its activities in the salt mine near the 100. Hospital campus of 1,173 meters above sea level, 12.2 km from the center of the city of Nakhichevan is. Salt mine 2 at a depth of 300 meters and 110 meters from the entrance stone workshop, hand-crafted 9 units operating in the gallery. The distance to the center of the city center, 9.8 km Duzdağ Physiotherapy, hospitals and mines in the distance between the 2.4 km.

As part of the micro climate of Underground follows:

Sea level elevation: 1,173 meters

Temperature: 18-20 C

Pressure: 740 mm hg / st

Humidity 24-50%

Air flow rate: 0.1m/san

High dispersion of sodium chloride ions

-For non-patients: 17.5 mg / m³

-For those patients: 12.5 mg / m³

Oxygen ratio: 20% , Audio-15-20dB

Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen gases there.

Types of hemolytic micrococci and fungi do not.

650-850 cubic meters the amount of bacteria (germs in the air above ground level, the amount is less than 8-10%)

Underground mine that consists of 9 main gallery, two of them male and female 3-ü, 1-i child, 2-percent sanuzel, 1-i consists of the rest room. Processed galleries length 30-40 meters, 8-10 meters in width, height of 3.5 meters.

Prices: SNG room — 80 USD, DBL — 125 USD

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Tebriz Hotel 5*
Tebriz Hotel 5*

It is situated in the square of Dada-Gorgud, in the city of Nakhchivan. There is the historical architectural monument of the XVIII century the Ismayilkhan bath-house in front of the hotel. The monument of Dada-Gorgud was erected there. The hotel is 13 storeyed. It is 5 star. There are 95 apartments in the hotel and it can receive 100 guests at once. All kinds of conditions were established for the tourists and other guests. The hotel has a car park for about 100 customer. The hotel has 95 rooms. 1-king suit, 22- lux, 18-studio, and 54 – first class rooms. The hotel provides post and telegraph services, taxi services, ticket reservations for various transportation, tourist -excursion and etc. Play ground for children, sport saloon, pool, jakkuzi pool, sauna, Meshedi Ibad bath, vapour bath, private pool complex are situated on the cellar of the hotel. There are also massage cabins and fitness saloon. There is a mini museum which includes handicrafts, antic welfare equipments etc. On the 13th floor of the hotel the small banquet hall for 74 people, on the first floor a big banquet hall for 450 people, on the ground floor a restaurant for 300 people, on the first floor a café- bar for 60 persons operate as well.

Prices: SNG room — 80 USD, DBL — 95 USD

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Grand Nakhchivan Hotel 4*
Grand Nakhchivan Hotel 4*

It is situated in the city of Nakhchivan, 1 str. Nagi Aliyev. It is 6 storeyed with its cellar. It was constructed in 2001. It was reconstructed and renovated in 2010. It can receive 84 guests. The hotel consists of 32 rooms. The hotel is the first class with its 3- lux, 9 rooms of 2 persons and 20 rooms of 3 persons. The hotel provides post and telegraph services, taxi services, ticket reservations for various transportation, tourist excursion etc. On the cellar of the hotel, there is a cafe-bar which serves to 40 persons, on the first floor there is a restaurant for 60 persons. There is a car park on the yard of the building.

Prices: SNG room — 75 USD, DBL — 85 USD

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Ganjlik Trade Center Hotel 3*
Ganjlik Trade Center Hotel 3*

It is on the second floor of the “Ganjlik Trade and Entertainment Center”. It is possible to receive 132 guests in 43 apartments.

Prices: SNG room — 65 USD, DBL — 75 USD

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It is situated in the lap of a beautiful nature, on the bank of the Nakhchivanchay, in the village of Shakarabad. The motel is 2 storey. It has 9 room. 2 lux, but the rest 7 are simple in the motel. There is a car park, small zoo. A banquet hall for 120 and a restaurant for 200 act in the motel.

Prices: SNG room — 60 USD, DBL — 70 USD

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