Caravan Sarai restaurant in «İcheri Sheher»

Caravan Sarai — it is historical monument of Old City Baku. At the moment it is using for restaurant in Icheri Sheher of Baku. Housed in a 14th century caravanserai, that’s all this restaurant has to offer. Half of the menu is international cuisine and only foreign drinks are served, while poor English speaking but aggressive waiters try to make the choice in your place on the highest end of the menu. And this is not all – the “local flavour show” is in fact a series of 4-5 Russian songs and ballades of Intourist type, for which 10 new mantas/table (11 usd) are requested above and outside the bill. Not to forget – you are kicked off at around 23,00 (“Sorry, we have to close, I will probably go home by taxi anyway”). In a few words, a 14th century caravanserai transformed into a restaurant with average food and aggressive service, accompanied by kitsch Russian songs and foreign drinks.

Favorite Dish: Of all the things we ordered being pushed by an agressive waiter, LAVANGI — chicken stuffed with walnuts and herbs (speciality form South Azerbaijan) — is the only memorable one.

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The food is a little pricey but it is in the hotel so I’m sure that is why. But the food is good and the views over the Caspian and the Maiden’s Tower are great. If you don’t want to pay the food prices, then just sit in the bar below it. Same great view but for the price of a coke…

Favorite Dish: The filet mignon was good and beautifully cooked… especially because it is difficult to get good beef here. It is on all the local menus, but tends to taste too strong for Western palates. But here it was just like home.


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It is the present pearl among restaurants in Baku. The restaurant of a high class with live music traditional Azerbaijan Tendir (oven made of clay in a hole in the earth), with own wine cellar which has already won wide popularity in Baku. The quality of magnificent dishes of national and European kitchen, which will be offered to you, testifies to our century traditions in cookery. Here all is delicious, everyone can find for himself a dish as desirable from the extensive menu. Besides being sure that it is prepared from the freshest products. In restaurant «Tonqal» it is possible to be enjoyed by romantic supper in idyllic conditions and to celebrate family and collective celebrations on a banquet.
While visiting a Restaurant, you will get into amazing garden buried in verdure of trees and flowers. It seems that the time has stopped in this restaurant, where interiors distinguished by original furniture. The interiors of restaurant differ by original furniture and variety of subjects of antiques, withdraw the visitors to the far past. An atmosphere of a rural life here is skillfully reconstructed. Now they are exotic and among them there is real antiquarian, the original specimens preserved from XVI — XVIII centuries. Artificial waterfall and brooks strengthen the first impression and are harmoniously entered in a general picture of «Tonqal «, which is created to make your rest especially beautiful and unforgettable.
Separate cabinets of restaurant would pleasure your rest, and the excellent service of the benevolent and highly skilled personnel will leave at you the best impression about the spent time.

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Fayton restaurant is a colorful and authentic Azerbaijan cuisine restaurant, which is located in the centre district near Opera House. The interior of this restaurant is totally in ethno-style: ancient stones, ancient accessories, carpets and different traditional elements of antique stuff. The ambience is very cozy and loyal. Restaurant can fit over 200 guests, as well as it has a couple of VIP-rooms for private communications and business meetings.

However, unfortunately I wouldn’t say that the service in this place is outstanding. I would say 4 from 10. When we entered the place, we had been waiting for the waiter to come over 8 minutes, which is absolutely unacceptable for this type of restaurant. Then the waiter came and took our order. On our questions like:  “What will you suggest for the first and a second meal?”, he offered us “classic kebab” and “mushroom soup”… Well, to be honest with you I expected to be given a little bit more information, and for sure “Classic Kebab” was not the dish I wanted to order in this place as well as “mushroom soup”. The place has a big range of meals, so you can find any type of dish you want. The point of cooking is that dishes are prepared exclusively by the original old recipes. We ordered “Sabzi pilaf”,”dushbera” and Azerbaijan classic “dolma in a grape leaves”. Well, “Sabzi pilaf” took definitely the first place! It was perfectly made and that was so delicious that I grabbed another pack to home. “Dushbere” was ok. This kind of meal is very hard to spoil. “Dolma” was good. So overall what we can say? The prices start from 3-4 AZN for the Soups and then goes from 8-20 AZN for a second course, which is not that bad. But for this price, I remind you, dear reader, you receive a gorgeous meal. Meal, which you expected to be given, that is very important for my opinion.     Every weekend the band plays live music and show programs. As an additional service restaurant provides take away orders.


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Fayton Restaurant Baku

The location of this restaurant is not too far from center, I would say 15 minutes walk from “28 May” metro station. This place has none of an advertisement billboards in the area. They have account neither in Facebook nor Twitter. If you don’t know that this place exists, you will never know about it, if only the “word of mouth” didn’t whisper its location.

Restaurant building looks like a classic family restaurant. It has 5 floors. The main one is the second floor, the first floor is active in summer when the weather is hot and most of the people prefer to spend a time outside on a special terrace. All the other floors have different types of VIP rooms which are ready for accepting more than 150 Guests at the same time. The prices in this place are very democratic. Food is absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Perfectly done “kebabs”, ”kutabs”, ”sadj” and the other traditional dishes will simply make you feel very happy. There is a big benefit in this place. This place haven’t got a big range of alcohol, so if you decided to buy something on your own, that is not a problem. Waiter will even bring you an ice bucket for it. Bad news about it that everybody smokes, so sometimes fantastic smell of kebab can be mixed with your neighbors cigarette. However I faced this problem in most of places I visit in Baku. So finally what we have? Well balanced prices and quality, nice interior, perfect food, average service and unfortunately bad knowledge of English language. Oh, well I forgot to mention a thing. There is no Wi-Fi in this place and it is not the bad news! Forget about social networks and enjoy your communication with friends!

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Restaurant allocates 5 minutes walk from Maiden Tower in a historical center of Old City. Many people write on the internet that this place serves Turkish Cuisine and this is absolutely wrong. It is a traditional Azerbaijani authentic restaurant and it serves quite nice food. Its interior is in a medieval style and it quite looks like Oriental marquee. You can find lots of carpets and medieval stuff on the walls and on the ground. Most of all, to be honest with you, I liked exclusively made VIP rooms. Each room is individually made with lots of stuff inside, very cozy with elements of particular region of Azerbaijan. That’s how I’ve got that, for example we took a “Gobustan VIP room” and the next from us was “Sheki room”. Average time the food to be served was from 5 to 12 minutes, depending on a meal. Staff is very friendly, but sometimes not that experienced. Food was great.

Recommended meals: We highly recommend you to try any type of kebab as well as “mangal salad” and “shakh pilaw”. The last one should be pre-ordered 40 minutes before you arrive to the place or simply just when you arrive there. This dish will be made by Chief himself and will be served in a special way.


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At the foot of the funicular, this fashion-conscious lounge-restaurant sports a ‘theatre kitchen’ producing imaginative Asian-fusion food, including designer sushi (try the mackerel with olive and pine nuts). There’s a hip cocktail bar and a plush garden area with lime-green sofa seats shaded with white drapes. An extraordinary range of exotic teas  is served in artistically sculpted pots.


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This small row of garden dining-booths is a bit of a trek from the centre and the decor is nothing fancy. However, the quality of kebabs is unbeatable, the salad selection includes a spicy aubergine paste and the dovğa (yoghurt soup) is the best we tasted anywhere. Note that there’s no written menu and pricing, while fair, is opaque. It’s beside the Botanical Gardens, relatively handy for the new Kempinski. Bus 3 from Monolit/Fountains Sq passes outside.


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Dining at this revolving restaurant is the only way to gain access to Baku’s iconic Soviet-era TV Tower. Views are sensational and the upscale menu includes beef in cognac, pepper-and-lemon tiger prawns and various lobster dishes. Reservations are essential. Note: if you don’t eat a meal there’ll be an AZN30 minimum fee for your drinks. Bus 6 (106) from Şahidlər Xiyabani stops within seven minutes’ walk of the entrance.


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Just off Fountains Square, this small, attractive cafe is painted to evoke Baku of the WWI era and decorated with Molla Nasreddin cartoons. Food ranges from English breakfasts to grilled trout via burgers, sandwiches and many coffee-cake possibilities. The AZN5 weekday lunch mini-buffet is a great deal. In the block south of here you’ll find a steakhouse, Mexican restaurant, a decent Italian eatery and several pubs.


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Decorated with old hunting weapons, this cosy mid-market restaurant offers Talysh cuisine that goes well beyond the predictable nut-stuffed ləvəngi dishes. Delicious starters  include XVII əsr qəlyanaltısı (stuffed dried fruit and walnut-coated chicken balls), qoz küküsü (a patchwork of omelette-like morsels) and incə salatı (layered egg-salad with cheese and fruit topping).


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Historic two-storey caravanserai with stone alcoves and a colourful coverable courtyard complete with two dwarf fig trees. Except on Sundays, dinners are accompanied by an impressive cabaret showcasing various Caucasian musical and dance styles. The Azeri food is excellent but prices can be exorbitant; there’s a 15% service charge too. Often closed for private functions.


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Shirvanshah museum — restraunt situated in the center of Baku. Every evening here you can here national music «mugam» and taste azeri cuisine dishes.


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