Sheki Caravanserai

Caravanserais are building and palace built as guest houses on trade routes. Caravans are kept at those buildings built by merchants, people gets relaxed and continue on their way. During the Middle Ages, the buildings built to protect the military and borders, and later buildings with trade purposes became used as caravanserais.
In ancient times a large part of the trade ro utes crossed Azerbaijan, so it was necessary to construct caravanserais here. Except for caravanserais in sheki karavansareithe city of Baku (as today they are preserved in Old City as historical and architectural monuments), traces of caravanserais preserved till the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. These are those caravanserais having ancient and rich history.

From 5 large caravanserais existed in Sheki in XVIII-XIX centuries up today, only two of them Yukhary and Ashagy Caravanserai reached. Sheki Caravanserai like others was made for stay of travelers and caravans and was built according to the nature of its function. However, in contrast to the rest rooms along the way, along with the rest rooms special private rooms made for having various trading operations, to conclude barter agreements.karvansaray sheki
The caravanserai describes Sheki architecture on its plan structure, large size, the comfort of leisure and business.
During the construction of the caravanserai everything is taken into account for providing convenience of traders from distant countries, for the safety of their wealth. Although the gates are opened for passengers and merchants with hospitality, but when closed it turns invincible castle.