Novruz Spring Holiday in Azerbaijan

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: $209

National holidays are connected with myths, history and national identity. They grow out of a people’s spiritual world, the world of their imagination.
Since ancient times the spring new year has been welcomed by holidays in Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other Eastern countries. This ceremony is called Novruz, which means «new day» in Persian. It is marked in the northern hemisphere on the day of the equinox (21-22 March), which is the beginning of spring. The date 21 March is the first day of the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan.

The origins of the holiday are as ancient as the myths and tales about it. Researchers suppose that Novruz was created by farmers in the Near East. The holiday is thought to date back to the 3rd millennium BC in ancient Babylon. The first records of Novruz as a spring holiday come from 505 BC. In the myths of the ancient Oguz Turks Novruz Bayram is a symbol of abundance. Novruz was marked as a public holiday in the ancient kingdoms of Albania and Atropatena on the territory of modern-day Azerbaijan.

In Persian sources Novruz is the most important of the seven ceremonial holidays of the Zoroastrian faith. Zardusht, founder of the faith and a Basti Jafarova, Azerbaijani actress in the role of
Basti Jafarova, Azerbaijani actress in the role of «Spring girl»
reformer-prophet, is thought to have lived in the

Day 1
Arrival to Baku — 19 March

Arrival to the capital of Azerbaijan Baku city. Our guide will meet you in the international airport name of Haydar Aliyev. During the transfer to hotel guide will give you some information about Azerbaijan. Upon arrival to Baku check in to the hotel (13:00 check in time). After check in the tourist will have free time. Overnight in hotel in Baku.

Day 2
Baku City Tour — 20 March

Novruz in Azerbaijan is a traditional holiday, which celebrates the New Year, and the coming of Spring. When Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union, celebration of Novruz was generally unofficial, and at times even prohibited. Currently in Azerbaijan, Novruz is treated as an official public holiday. Today after breakfast our guide will be waiting on reception in hotel. Excursion to Gobustan. Gobustan — fairyland, which is located on the territory of one of the world’s cradles, in Azerbaijan, in 60 km to the South from Baku). Gobustan covers three areas in semi-arid areas, on a rocky plateau in the Central part of Azerbaijan. Pass the century and the Millennium, but for the spirits, and keeps the history of the land of hills and ravines, which means the name of the place, the time is passing by sand blown in the wind, perfecting mountainous terrain of the National Park of Azerbaijan (National Park) included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The stones of Gobustan has entertained many things: the origin of civilizations, sites of ancient people, Roman Legionnaires, the sanctuary, the aliens. And all that is somehow appeared before the eyes of the ancient man, reflected in artistic images, captured on the rock paintings — petroglyphs: hunting scenes, images of flora and fauna, ships and boats, battles and everyday moments of life. Collection of Rock Art Cultural Landscape has more than 6000 rock carvings, showing at least about 40,000-year history of Gobustan: remains of dwelling caves with stands of ancient people and burial are calculated from the era of the early Paleolithic to the middle ages. Gobustan is a unique values of the area, since nowhere in the world there is no such obvious density evidence of ancient life. Sightseeing tour of Baku with a visit of the monumental, historical and architectural monuments of the city: you will see a panorama of the city of Baku Bay and the Upland Park. To touch the history of the country people must investigate its oldest places. Start the excursion through Baku from Icheri sheher-the inner city. There is an opinion that Old City with Maiden Tower was built in 12th century. Other scientists say that this monumental complex was created not earlier as 7th century. Nobody know exactly how old these pieces of architecture are, but they remain the main part of modern Baku. This place has two gates. Having a walk about this territory you can notice Shirvanshah’s Palace – a rather clear evidence of the past time in Baku city. It takes us back in time when Shirvanshahs dynasty ruled here. A magnificent look of this Palace impresses modern tourists. Karavansaray will help you to know Eastern architecture as it is an important example of it. In ancient times all eastern cities had several caravanserais. They were traditionally built on trade routes between two different parts of Eurasian continent – Europe and Asia. It was a place where merchants and travelers could stay for rest. In Inner City tourists could also observe pagan temples that render the atmosphere of far gone days. A museum in Maiden Tower helps to learn some facts from historical evolution of Baku. This Tower looks like a cylindrical structure with eight stores. Overnight in hotel in Baku

Day 3

Absheron Peninsula Tour — 21 March

Today after breakfast our guide will be waiting on reception in hotel. We will start our tour with excursion to Ateshgah. Ateshgah — is a very especial place full of mystery. It bears the evidences of worship to Zoroaster. Here in these walls ancient monotheistic religion started to develop. This great temple is located on unique territory. Hindu community who inhabited Baku created a great monument devoted to their God. Time changed many things but nowadays tourists still could see real phenomenon embodied in natural gas burning. Because of this wonder, sometimes this temple is called “burning mountain”. After Islam became an official religion, this temple was broken. But merchants from India wished to renew this monument. These well-known chapels and caravanserai appeared again. Today temple looks like long ago.Burning gas is still in this place like in past times. It emphasizes unusual atmosphere. Near Ateshgah each can observe a big hole. Tourists could see a body of Hindus in it. You should ride a little distance from the Baku city to get here. Many tourists come here on excursions. Here you could feel especial atmosphere. You’ll save your memories about this visit for long time. Ateshgah impresses with its long history.  Then we will take road to Ethnographic Reserve GALA. Gala village is located about 40 minutes from Baku. Before him , few people knew and thought , but in recent years the popularity of this small village has become huge. And the reason is simple — someone came up with a great idea to do an archaeological site museum under the open sky. Coming to the museum , you feel caught in the olden days. Historical significance landmarks confirm that these places were ancient human settlements. » Bairamali hamam » was known in ancient times as » Hamam Bay .» Attributable to XII-XIV centuries this hamam in 1881 was also reconstructed person named Bayram . » Gum hamam » ( «Sand Bath» ) , located on a high hill , a long attention was not given proper attention . Attributable to XII-XIV centuries » Gum hamam » was discovered during archaeological excavations . » Gum hamam » ( «Sand Bath» ) was so named because of what was under the ground. Of particular interest is the «Shore hamam » ( «Salt Bath» ) There is a place where nature gas always burns. Visit Apsheron Peninsula and you’ll see there a beautiful burning rock that make people come here and look at this mysterious phenomenon. This place is located near Baku so having your excursion there use an opportunity to visit Yanar Dag. Long ago this peninsula was a center of Zoroastrianism religion. The flames of this rock could rise above on 10 feet. People call this peninsula “land of fire”. This fire rock impresses more when sun goes down. Its fire blazes light the darkness and we you could feel a real magic atmosphere as gods descend to earth from heavens. Even when it rains or snows the fire continues to burn. Tourists who came here call this phenomenon like “torches from nowhere”. This place attracted many famous travelers. Marco Polo and even Dyuma came here to have a look at this burning rock. . Overnight in hotel in Baku

Day 4

Departure to airport — 22 March 

Today after breakfast will be free time. Depend on departure time our bus will take you to International airport of Heydar Aliyev. Departure home.