Theatrical tour in Baku

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: $299

In this tour we willexplore theatre life of Baku. The Establishment and Development of Azerbaijani Theater Azerbaijani Theatre is closely connected with the activity, life, festivities, wedding traditions, and outlook of the people. Ancient traditional ceremonies, such as «Sayachy», «Novruz», and «Gevsech» encompass theatrical elements such as choruses, dances, various archetypical characters, and dialogs in dramatic plays. The most important moment of the ceremony of Novruz, in the game «Kosa-Kosa», is the pattern of the theatrical plays. The game is characterized by a plot, dramatic moments, and actors in masks who wear special clothes. The episodes «Khan-Khan», «Dancing of Mutribs» («mutrib» means «a boy in woman’s dress»), «The Competition Between the Bride and Mother-In-Law» and others performed at wedding ceremonies reveal the importance of elements of games and performance. The elements of a stage theater are also strong in a widespread ceremony «Yugh», at the meetings of Ozans and Ashugs, in the scenes of «Zorxana», and in rope-dancers’ shows.

Day 1
Arrival to the capital of Azerbaijan Baku city

Arrival to the capital of Azerbaijan Baku city. Our representative of will meet you in the international airport name of Haydar Aliyev. During the transfer to hotel guide will give you some information about Azerbaijan. Upon arrival to Baku check in to the hotel (13:00 check in time). After check in the tourist will have free time. Overnight in hotel in Baku.

Day 2
Baku City Tour

Start exploring Baku. Panorama of the city presented to the height of the mountainous part of a television tower clearly gives an idea of the contrasts and the extent of Baku, the horseshoe bay of Baku. The city is shaped like an amphitheater, descending down to the Caspian Sea. Tour covers the central part of the city showing the most interesting historical and architectural sites. Visiting of «Old Town” or “Inner City”. The territory of ”Inner City” — 22 hectares, which represents a small fraction of the total area of Baku (44,000 hectares). However, the concentration of architectural and historical monuments, dictates the need for this excursion into a separate and make this part of Baku, perhaps the most interesting to explore. Maiden Tower (XII century), Palace of Shirvanshahs (XV century), Castle Synyk Gala, Caravan Saray Multani, Juma Mosque — this is not a complete list of attractions of the old Baku.

Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is the concert complex in Baku. The building of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic was constructed during 1910-1920 as the project of the “Building of Social meetings”.
After the establishment of the Soviet Power in Azerbaijan the ensembles, orchestras and music amateurs that acted separately till 1920, all assembled in this building. On May 25, 1936, the Philharmonic was established in Azerbaijan as in the other republics of USSR (CIS). From 1937, Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is named after Maqomayev. The Philharmonic is the unique popularization center of classical musicians.

Excursion to Azerbaijan State Theatre of Opera & Ballet. Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre was established in 1920 as The United State Theatre. From the year of 1924, the opera troupe was separated from this theatre and acted as an independent opera and ballet theatre (together with Azerbaijan and Russian sections). The Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the greatest musical theatre in Azerbaijan acts in this nice building that was founded in 1910 from 1920 till today. Overnight in Baku.


Day 3

Theatres of Baku

After breakfast we will visit explore teatre life of Baku.

Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre is the biggest musical theatres of the republic. The first performance of musical comedy of U.Hajibeyov, written in 1909 «Husband and Wife» took place in circus building of Nikitin Brothers in Baku on May 24, 1910. With this performance the Musical Comedy Theatre of Azerbaijan was founded. Until 1938, the musical comedies were played at Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theater. In 1938 the musical comedy (with Azerbaijani and Russian sectors) theatre was organized and in September of that year was granted an official status of the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre. In 1939, the first Azerbaijan Soviet musical comedy «Five manat worth bride» (S. Rustamov), «Husband and Wife», «Married single» and later «Whose wedding?» (A. Mashadibeyov), «Red Rose» (S. Hajibeyov), and at the Russian section of the theater «Blue mazurka» (F. Leqar), «Arshin mal alan» (U. Hajibeyov), «Queen of the Circus» (I.Kalman) «Wedding in Malinovka» (B. Alexandrov), etc. were performed.

Azerbaijan National Dramatic Theatre is located in a fine building slap bang in the middle of Baku, in Fuzuli Square. The Azerbaijan Academic National Drama Theatre, to give it its full name, or AzDrama as it is popularly known, is also right at the heart of Azerbaijani’s theatrical life. AzDrama has a track record of choosing plays that tackle the problems and realities of concern to people, challenging performers and audience to find answers to those problems together. Many of Azerbaijan’s best-known actors, directors, designers and composers have close links with the theatre and it has put on some legendary productions. AzDrama was recently fully renovated, as were many other theatres in Azerbaijan, and equipped with state-of-the-art stage, lighting and sound systems. The innovations at the theatre go way beyond the technical aspects, however.

Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre named after S. Vurgun since 1920 worked under the name of Baku Free promotion –critique theatre since 1920, as Baku Workers’ Theatre since 1923. And since 1938 it is called as Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre. In 1956 the theater was named after S. Vurgun.
Theatre had staged during 1925-30 plays like «Lyubov Yarovaya» (K. Trenyov), «Rebellion» (B. Lavrenyov), etc. In 1930-40-theater’s repertoire were enriched with works like «Don Carlos» (F.Schiller), «Romeo and Juliet» (W. Shakespeare), «Living corpse» (L. Tolstoy), etc.
Staged during 50 years, «Aydin» (J. Jabbarli), «Bathroom» (V. Mayakovski) and other performances were evaluated as a creative achievement of the theater. Back to hotel and free time

Day 4

Theatre art

Today after breakfast our guide will be waiting on reception in hotel. Today we begin from Azerbaijan State Mugam Thatre. Azerbaijan has national folk music whitch named of Mugam. Creation of “Mugam” theatre in 1988 became a great event in the history of Azerbaijani culture. The crew of the theatre prepares performances by parts of “seven colors” of Azerbaijani mugan: “Shur”, “Seygah”, “Rast”, “Bayati-Shiraz”, “Chargah”, “Mahur”, “Humayun”. Theatre is actively playing on tour far and near abroad. One time in year we have providing Mugam festival in Baku and region.

Azerbaijan State Song Theatre named after Reshid Behbudov was established in 1968 by Rashid Behbudov, the prominent representative of vocal art, people’s artist of the USSR and currently bears the name of its founder. The theatre presented itself as the best and exemplary promoter of the art of music and choreography during the years. Today the repertoire of the theatre contain the works of the national composer such as Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Gara Garayev, Fikret Amirov, Jahangir Jahangirov, Rauf Hajiyev, Tofig Guliyev, Polad Bulbuloglu, Ramiz Mirishli, Faig Suceddinov,Azer Dadashov and so on. The performance of the folk songs, mugams and tesnifs that is the basis of repertoire, keep the style of our great singer Rashid Behbudov till today. Famous masters of art, such as Zaur Rzayev, Natavan Sheykhova, Mubariz Tagiyev, Elkhan Ehedzade, Khedice Abbasova, Azer Zeynalov, Zohre Abdullayeva, Aybeniz Hashimova, Gulyaz and Gulyanaq Memmedovas, Bilal Eliyev, etc, has been working here since the theatre began its activity. Azerbaijan State Song Theatre named after Rashid Behbudov was welcomed with sympathy by the audience in many foreign countries, as well as, USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Germany, Turkey, Russian Federation, etc. In recent years, the creative collective attended the concert program in the opening of “EKSPO-2000” exhibition in Hannover in 2000, it represented  the Azerbaijan Culture during the years of 2001-2002 in Turkey, Moscow, Strasbourg, Austria, in 2003 in Germany in “The Azerbaijan Culture Days”, in 2004 in “Novruz parties” in Yekaterinburg, in 2005 again in Vienna, Austria in the “Azerbaijan Culture Days”, in Chisinau city of Moldova in the International Music Festival called “Mersi Shor”.

Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre has been created for children in 1931. In separate years (1931-1941, 1946-1950) it functioned as an independent theater, an at certain times as the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators (1941-1946) and the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society (since 1950). It is an independent theater since 1965.
The organizer of the theater, and the first artistic director and chief director was M. Babirli. Theater was a participant of International festivals of Puppet Theatre (Tashkent, 1979, Bombay, 1980) and the South Caucasus (Yerevan, 1982, Tbilisi, 1984). The theater is named after Abdulla Shaig since 1974.
Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre has the Azerbaijan and Russian sections. For the first time in the theater plays of Azerbaijani, Russian and Western European dramatists (in simplified form), works of educational motives based on Azerbaijan oral folk literature were performed. compositions: «Haji Gara» (M.F.Akhundov), «Forced doctor» (J.B.Mollier), «Almas» ( J. Jabbarli), «Big Ivan» (S.V.Obraztsov), «Alexander the Great and the shepherd», «Dwarf», «Nargis» (M. Seyidzade), etc.

Overnight in Baku.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. 12:00 check out from the hotel. Depend on transfer time transfer to the airport.